• GSM-Control is a Microsoft Windows software used for 2-way remote monitoting and control, and can be used for receiving/sending SMS messages from/to Unitronics controllers. GSM-Control offers a low-cost and easy alternative to create wireless control and monitoring applications.


    GSM-Control works as a gateway between GSM environment at one side (interfacing with GSM environment by sending/receiving SMS messages) and MS Windows environment (by using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange), OPC (OLE for Process Control), SQL (Structured Query Language) or Wonderware MXAccess (Lmx Proxy interface to Application Server) interfaces) at another side.


    To read more about GSM-Control SMS Gateway and download data sheet, user manual and installation, please visit GSM-Control web page:



    PR000673-U: GSM-Control, 3 user numbers, USB key protection. Price 890 EUR

    PR000673-S : GSM-Control, 3 user numbers, software license. Price 890 EUR

    PR00067-U : GSM-Control, unlimited, USB key protection. Price 1190 EUR

    PR00067-S : GSM-Control, unlimited, software license. Price 1190 EUR

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  • GSM-Control SMS Gateway
  • GSM-Control SMS Gateway

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