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    With Unigo you will be able to communicate with Unitronics PLC using and Android based mobile device

    Small scada solution, supporting Modbus and Unitronics PCOM. You're able to
    download UniGO at Unitronics Developers Market. Our idea is to do a quick
    visualization between an android device and a PLC system, it takes only minutes to set
    it up if you're used to scada. There is also an option for remote with buttons and input
    integers. All you need is of course a phone or tablet with the Android operating system
    and access to the internet. The software is optimized for communication with Unitronics
    PLC, but in principle is able to work with any device supporting Modbus IP/RTU,
    Modbus RTU with Bluetooth.
     For information regarding updates and upgrades please read in this page 
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  • Unigo V1..33.3
  • Unigo V1..33.3
  • Unigo V1..33.3
  • Unigo V1..33.3

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